Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I'd like to share with you all the greatness that is influenster. It truly is amazing to be part of such a movement that allows you to try new products and review them. I have received so many great items that I now purchase these brands over other because of the quality. I have influenster to thank for allowing me to grow and explore. I encourage everyone to try out influenster, all you have to do is share your thoughts on social media, don't we do that already? 

I truly love the way influenster uses your own interests to create this amazing experience. May I add that it is as if the voxbox you receive was catered to you, how amazing is that. AND, AND, AND, participating in receiving VOXBOX is 100% FREE! All that is needed is your review, your honest opinion! 

The influenster Website is also a tool in researching any product you wish to try, so many honest reviews will lead in the right path when seeking to purchase something new. Did I mention there is an influenster app!?1? Well there is and it's as easy as ever to use! It even comes with a scanner that you can uses to easily review or research a product.   


Join influenster for yourself and see how amazing this community really is. I don't know about you but I couldn't be any happier knowing that thousands of people have my back. I can always rely on my fellow influenster's reviews to make an informed purchase. 

See for yourself and join! 

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